We are truly honored to welcome our colleagues from all over the world to the The 2nd International and 4th Iranian Congress in Medical Mycology: From Bench to Bed in Shiraz,Iran 18th -20th November,2015.  By taking such a great opportunity to host the congress,we sincerely hope to provide the channels to demonstrate and share the progress that all specialists have achieved in the related areas and topics. Your inspiring attendance surely gives us more confidence to go forward in our scholarly development.

                                                                             Sincerely yours

- Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
Basic Sciences in Infectious Diseases Research Center

- Department of Parasitology and Mycology

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Congress Secretariat:
Basic Sciences in Infectious Diseases Research Center, School of Medicine, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Zand Ave, Shiraz, Iran
TEL:      +98-713-2349411
E-Mail:  icmm2015congress@gmail.com

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